A fantastic duo I discovered on twitter  was Deltamour, for those who haven’t come across Deltamour yet, they are a British/Belgian pop duo made up of London based Jess and Ori from Antwerp.  Originally put together as a 3 piece girl band called Goodbye Charlie by 80’s pop star Thereza Bazar, the girls have now found a new path as a duo with an exciting sound.

Having listened to their music they sent me I am struggling to see why they have not been signed to a record label yet. Their sound is polished, pure and authentic and I am sure if their music was put in front of labels there would be a queue of execs to sign them up. It always amazes me by how much fantastic talent there is out there that never gets signed. Even being unsigned this has not dampened the spirit of Deltamour and their music talks for itself.

In February 2016 Deltamour released their debut EP called Walk Away. Their title track Walk Away is a mix of electro-pop genius, in which gets you foot-tapping, nodding your head and even humming along very quickly. As Pete Waterman once said you know you have a hit song if you can imagine a postman whistling the song on his morning round. Take a listen to this hidden gem of genius and I am sure you will agree.

Another song they sent me is called Paradise, and yet this is another hidden gem, which has a huge sound just awaiting to be heard

If you like Deltamour as much as I do, be sure to follow them on twitter at @Deltamour you can also buy their EP via iTunes.