Little Spiral

So this week Little Spiral began to appear on our #MusicHourUK twitter timeline, I had not heard of her before but I was sure curious to discover a little more about her music.

Little Spiral, a.k.a. Suzanne Yada, is a piano based singer-songwriter from Berkeley, California who writes at the intersection of technology and heart. She mixes her indie rock, pop, classical and roots influences with her background in poetry, media and the internet to create clever little piano pop songs for the digital age.

Recent single from Little Spiral is called Tossing and Turning and is an upbeat little number. Be sure to listen to the Tossing and Turning single below. The song sure whacks a heavy meaty tune  which doesn’t disappoint and certainly leaves you wanting to listen to more music of Little Spiral.

You can check out more of Little Spiral via Bandcamp by clicking here. Follow her on twitter at @littlespiral