A new band followed us on twitter a few minutes ago called Summercross, nope, I had never herd of them neither but I am sure glad they followed us as it gave me an opportunity to discover more about them.

So who are they? I hear you say, Summercross are Yorkshire based 6 piece folk rock band consisting of Annie Raynor on flute, whistle and vocals, Jim Caswell on guitar and vocals, Dave McKendrick on bass guitar, Nic Shipp on drums and percussion and singer-songwriter Greg Mulholland on vocals and guitar.

Summercross provide an exciting new brand of contemporary folk and folk rock with strong songs, powerful harmonies, some haunting tunes and sing-along choruses. Playing original music, many of the songs are about local history, others reflections of life and emotions.

A quick visit to their website to check out their music and I discovered a song called Last of England, the first thing that came to mind was they have a symmetry of Chas and Dave in a good way! I think actually it was their song topic rather than their sound. The song is a breath of fresh air, it’s catchy and without realising it I had started tapping my foot and humming along to it. It is pure magic when an artists has song that does this.

Listen to their music here via their site you will not be disappointed. Follow them on twitter at @summercrossband