Alyssa Trahan

Alyssa Trahan is pretty much the full package when it come to music, she writes her own music, plays  over a dozen different instruments and produces much of her own music and has even produced music for other artists too. So who is she?

Alyssa began her music career at a young age growing up in East Rochester, NY. She quickly became known for her talents and drive. Now living in Nashville, Alyssa’s buzz continues to go from strength to strength. Alyssa can be seen performing as she performs at a staggering 100+ shows per year.

I first heard of her music when it was recommended via the #MusicHourUK twitter hour and was so impressed with her music that I gave her airplay on the #MusicHourUK Radio Show with her country song ‘I like It’ (Episode 003, if you want to check it out!!). You can also listen to the song below

Alyssa’s current 5 track EP is called ‘Daisies’ and is available to buy XXX. ‘Daisies’ is a prime example of why Alyssa’s music career is proving so successful with her vocals, writing skills and powerful production.  The Firecracker on this EP, has to be the song called ‘Fire & Gasoline’ It really lights ups the EP’s journey. The song called ‘I know’ is a great song to end the EP on, it leaves you wanting more.

If you haven’t heard of Alyssa Trahan before, be sure to check her music out on Soundcloud clicking here. You will not be disappointed! Follow her on twitter at @LyssTrahan