Many people have tried and failed in pronouncing this artists name, in fact there has even been so really funny attempts. But it is pronounced ‘Zoach’.

However you pronounce her name, Xoch naturally draws your attention to her pop/rock sound with the fullness of her huge hooks. She has had nearly 30 major licenses of her original music to ABC, MTV, VH1, Lifetime, Toyota, Jeep/Eagle, Warren Miller, and many more.

She is equally adept at both the intimate setting of a small acoustic performance or a full band electric concert, and has shared the stage with such national acts as Evanescence, Joan Osbourne, Pat Benatar, Spin Doctors, Lit, Butch Walker, and many others

The song that first drew me in to her music, was a song called Summer Vacation, it certainly packs a meaty punch and leaves no stone unturned. The song has also been given airplay on our own radio show.  Take a few minutes to listen to the song below.

So, what did you think? It has a fantastic sound, and is even more relevant as we move fast into the winter cold. This song allows you to keep your summer memories alive and kicking. Xoch is definitely one to take note and listen to more of her music.

Follow her on twitter at @XOCHROCKS, check out her website here. Listen to more of her music on Soundcloud.