Broken Witt Rebels

So recently I came across this little awesome gem of a Blues Rock and Roll band. Broken Witt Rebels are a four piece Birmingham based band who deliver something unique. If you haven’t heard of them before be sure to check out their music here.

Sometimes with a band you don’t need to say a lot about a band as their music does all the talking, with Broken Witt Rebels this is one of those bands that does just that. Their song Getaway Man, (don’t be fooled by the slow start) is a song that really makes an impact. The song takes you on a journey like no other and leaves you curious as to what Broken Witt Rebels other songs have to offer and again you will not be disappointed. Take a listen to Getaway Man below and see if you agree.

Broken Witt Rebels have just released their new EP Georgia Pine which is out now, you can listen to the full EP on Spotify here. The lead single Low has been a featured track of the week on Radio X and play listed on Planet Rock.

If you have loved what you heard, the band will be out on tour around the UK in November, for dates, tickets, locations info click here.

You can also follow them on twitter at @Brokenwittrebel