Julia Carlucci

As Christmas is fast approaching, the number of emails unsigned artists send submitting their music for me to listen to is increasing! I am not complaining, I love discovering new and exciting music and #MusicHourUK, both the website and the twitter hour is a great vehicle that is  supplying it. I am always curious as to the batch locations I seem to get. There are times that I will get a lot of bands from Brighton, UK around the same time. Yesterday, I wrote a feature about the Awesome talent from Toronto, Canada and Today’s Artist Julia Carlucci is from the same place.

Julia Carlucci is a multi-talented artist. Influenced by the like of Allen Stone, Alicia Keyes and Beyoncé. Julia is known for her powerhouse vocals, emotional delivery, and electrifying presence.

Listening to her EP on her Soundcloud page here entitled ‘The Live EP’ is such an amazing EP.  Julia’s powerful voice and great mix of songs on the EP, take you on a journey of mixed emotions of highs and lows, but like all great EP’s it leaves you wanting more and her SoundCloud page is full of great songs and teasers too.

The EP is a 5 track EP with a mix of originals and covers all songs are great and really elevate the journey of the EP. I would strongly recommend  you check it out below.

So, what did you think? Like it?

Julia’s first  EP is called For Me and you can check it out here. Again this is another great EP that take you on a journey like no other. Julia’s vocals and song selection are really a skill that should be admired.

If you like Julia’s music go and give her a follow on twitter @juliacarlucci. You can also watch her music videos here.