Your 2016 Music Career Review

We are now into week 2 of 2017 and if you haven’t done so already it’s time to review your 2016 achievements and goals.

Whether 2016 was a great year for your music career, a mediocre year or even a bad year. it’s important to evaluate the year, then you can set goals for 2017. Maybe you had lots of gigs, but weren’t paid, maybe you released an album/EP but sales were slow. Maybe you had lots of paid gigs, released an album/EP and sold hundreds if not thousands of copies. which ever side your band currently sits on it’s important to review it frequently and then you can make changes to ensure you reach your goals and achievements each year.

I always believe a band or artist should treat their music career as a business thus meaning making sure that you have some trading funds as well as generating revenue. So when you look back at 2016 did you make a profit or a loss financially?

Whatever 2016 gave you, look at it and think okay, how can I/we make it better in 2017? There is always a way – you just have to find it and DO IT!

Lots of unsigned artists feel lack of funds holds their progress back. It doesn’t have to! It’s about being clever in the way you trade as a business. For example, I know of a band that couldn’t afford to record an album in a recording studio because of fees, so the band struck a deal with the producer. The band were great with Social Media but needed a new album, and the producer was great at producing albums but needed help with his studio’s Social Media campaigns. So the band traded studio time for helping the studio producer with his Social Media. Creating a win-win situation.

Maybe you can’t afford much band promotion so are finding it difficult to increase your fan base. I know of bands that will research similar bands in the next town that have a similar amount of fans. They contact their newly researched bands and offered them a opening slot at their gigs in return for a slot at the other’s gig. You can easily increase your fan base effectively, it’s about being clever in the way you trade as a business.

There are bands who do get paid from gigs then they buy drinks at the bar afterwards with the money they have just been paid with. Why not instead reinvesting it back into the band.

If your band is finding money an issue, if you all work full time in whatever job, each put £40-£50 into the band each month if their is 5 of you in the band that’s £200/£250 each month to invest in what you need to help you move your band forward.

Review 2016 – Whatever the result from 2016 set your goals for 2017. Remember don’t just write a list like the example below:

  • Write Songs
  • Record Album
  • Get more Gigs
  • Rehearse

It’s important when setting your goals for 2017 to include the How? The When? The Why? It’s important to time table it out thoroughly, then every 3 months revisit the plans and make sure your on target with everything.

Go out there in 2017 and make it a better year than 2016! Remember don’t just talk about what you want to achieve, spend your time achieving it!