Verity White

There is nothing better than having awesome unsigned artists dropping their music in to my email inbox, all interested in being featured on this website. It is difficult having to choose who to feature and when. But when this music sound hit the inbox, it was a gem that needed to be shared. So just who is Verity White?

Verity White has always written music, but it wasn’t until recently that she made the decision to put her music out there as she felt that she’d reached a point where what she was doing was worth sharing.

Verity states “The real turnaround point for me was touring last year round Europe as a backing vocalist in the prog-rock band Pendragon, it gave me a glimpse of where I wanted to be with my music and gave me the confidence in myself to release the EP (Parentheses, under my old name Verity Smith – I had to change it as there was someone else on iTunes and Spotify releasing under that name!)” Verity adds “Before that I’d been in function bands and theatre shows and writing my own music but not putting it out there! Luckily, the feedback was great – I have had some amazing reviews and Parentheses was voted one of Koid 9 magazine’s (French rock magazine) top releases of 2016 – which was amazing!”

Verity’s 4 track Rock EP is called Parentheses and is a gem waiting to explode. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic tones of the song ‘Give It All Back’. The song takes you on a journey of surprises before delivering a soccer punch of meaty atmospheric tones.

Listen to Verity’s music below I am sure you will not be disappointed. Having listened to more of her music on her Soundcloud page, her music is full of riches. The vocal tones of maturity in sound leaves you wanting to find more to immerse yourself into and consume.

The whole EP is 100% awesome. check out more of Verity’s music on her Soundcloud page here.

Give Verity a cheeky follow on twitter at @VeeBear. For tour dates visit her website