#MusicHourSHOOT: Nikita KC

Giving independent musicians a powerful layer of star quality is at the heart of photographer CK Goldiing’s appeal. Commissioned by over 200 unsigned UK artists to shoot their official publicity images, CK’s cinematic yet authentic photography is unmistakable.

In our brand new feature, ‘S H O O T’, via ten quick fire questions, behind-the-scenes footage and newly-released images, we showcase the emerging talents CK works with.

Starting with London-based singer-songwriter Nikita KC, here are CK’s ten punchy questions for the pop/soul artist who has a well-documented love of American hit-maker JoJo.

Over to you guys,

CK: Jam or peanut butter?

Nikita: Peanut butter

CK: Birthday or Christmas?

Nikita: Christmas

CK: For the rest of your life, you can only sing high notes or low notes, which would you pick?

Nikita: This is the worst question…noooo…I don’t know! Frig it – high notes it is

Nikita KC __ photo by CK Goldiing __ 001

CK: If you were invisible for 24 hours, which recording artist would you follow around all day?

Nikita: Ouuuuu…I mean it’s gotta be……Christina Aguilera, because I already follow JoJo on her snap and Insta stories, so I get a good insight into her day-to-day already.

CK: Are you ticklish?


CK: Stop laughing, I haven’t tickled you

CK: Two songs you wish you wrote…

Nikita: Again this is tricky but, first, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion (writers James Horner/Will Jennings). I could never have written this, as I was a child (obvs lol) but I loved this song as a little girl and it means a lot to me, and its just an amazing power ballad. Secondly, ‘That’s The Thing About Love’ by Alicia Keys. This song is so real and full of beauty and thought – she describes love from all angles – it really touches me – I just Love it!

Nikita KC __ photo by CK Goldiing __ 005

CK: One-hour face-to-face chat with JoJo or one-year relationship with a great guy?

Nikita: I have to say I’ve been lucky enough to experience a great relationship with an amazing guy, so it would have to be one-to-one with my girl JoJo!

CK: Yeah, I’d pick JoJo over a hairy dude, too.

Nikita: ha ha

CK: Hug or handshake?

Nikita: HUG – always!

Nikita KC __ photo by CK Goldiing __ 007

CK: Main or dessert?

Nikita: Oh goshhh I love food tooooo much but I have such a sweet tooth sooo it’s gotta be dessert!!

CK: Describe Nikita in nine words…

Nikita: Sensitive, scatty, bonkers, caring, honest, emotional, passionate, moody, creative

Watch CK & Nikita’s behind-the-scenes shoot video below:

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