#MusicHourSHOOT: Ru

In this Good Friday special, we unveil edition II of ‘S H O O T’ – our exclusive partnership with charismatic London-based presenter/photographer CK Goldiing. In this instalment, following his photoshoot with alternative soul/rock artist Ru, CK fires his ten searching questions at the football-mad singer-songwriter. (Seriously, she has major skills on the pitch!), plus, we reveal previously unseen images and behind-the-scenes footage from their shoot.

Over to you guys…

CK: Cake or booze?

Ru: Chocolate fudge cake, obviously

CK: Cartoon or film?

Ru: Film

CK: One-hour trapped in lift with influential music industry exec or five days stuck on desert island with your dream man?

Ru: The lift thing. I believe I seriously need to rethink my priorities, ha ha


CK: Burger or steak?

Ru: Steak

CK: Dream venue to play?

Ru: Glastonbury – main stage

CK: Four international artists you’d like to see form a supergroup

Ru: Chris Cornel (Audioslave), Mark Tremonti (Alterbridge), Flea (RHCP) and Dave Grohl, on the drums, where he belongs

Ru _ photo by CK Goldiing _ 002

CK: Spotify or soundcloud?

Ru: Tricky one. Spotify, I’d say

CK: Heels or trainers?

Ru: Trainers. Is that even a question?

CK: Beiber or Sheeran?

Ru: Sheeran, how can these two even be put in one basket?

CK: Describe Ru in twelve words…

Ru: crazy haired, football/food/sound loving, Portuguese/British tom boy in disguise.

Ru _ photo by CK Goldiing _ 006

Watch CK & Ru convince a bunch of strangers to help them choose the best photos after their shoot, watch the hilarious video below:


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