#MusicHourSHOOT: Duet Diana

We discuss Britney Spears, wild nights and body piercings in our latest partnership with London-based presenter/photographer CK Goldiing, In this, our third instalment of #MusicHourSHOOT, CK introduces us to Classical singers Duet Diana – a crossover duo from London, composed of Sarah Lenney and Katie Morel-Orchard. Following Katie and Sarah’s recent photoshoot with CK, they faced his ten probing questions – which we reveal today. As well as the cheeky Q&A, see below for images and fun behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.

Let’s do this, over to you CK…

CK: Right, why do you both laugh all the time, though?

Katie: Because it’s better than crying all the time! Besides, we only get over-the-top giggly on certain occasions…usually when we SHOULD be keeping serious

Sarah: Yeah, for some reason. it’s as if everything we say or do has a hidden meaning. We both think about things so differently but in such a similar way, it’s funny!

CK: hhhhmm, okay, for the rest of your life, you have to give-up laughing or singing, which would you dump?

Katie: Oh lord…um, I’d probably give up laughing and just have a sign that I would hold up informing people that I was laughing internally? Then I could keep singing

Sarah: Oh, that’s such a hard one. I’m going to have to go with laughing, although I’m not sure I would enjoy singing as much knowing I’d had to give up laughing for it

CK: Biscuits or crisps?

Katie: Crisps!

Sarah: Crisps, all the crisps!

Duet Diana _ by CK Goldiing _ 002

CK: Finish this sentence… “I’ve never told anyone this, but sometimes, when I’m on my own, I… “

Sarah: Try to write things upside down

CK: Um?

Katie: Practice various ridiculous Scottish accents

CK: Fav pop song to classical-up?

Katie: For my own amusement definitely Christina Perri ‘Jar of Hearts’, but in terms of our duet, we do a mean ‘Bound To You’ by Christina Aguilera

Sarah: I am going to have to go with ‘Toxic’ by the legend that is Britney Spears. If you meant as a duo, then yes, Katie and I do a brilliant rendition of ‘Bound To You’

CK: Bread or cake?

Sarah: [giddy] Bread, pass me the baguette

Katie: Bread for SURE!

Duet Diana _ by CK Goldiing _ 003

CK: Tell us about your new piercing, Sarah

Sarah: Wanted it for years- most pain I’ve ever been in for sure, definitely worth it though

CK: Katie, you were there when Sarah FINALLY did it after years of agonising, was she a big baby as it was done?

Katie: I mean, she made a very bizarre sound that carried throughout the shop, but no, she was a complete trouper and we ended up on a bit of a wild night out afterwards, which was random but very fun

Duet Diana _ by CK Goldiing _ 004

CK: The biggest misconception about classical singers is?

Katie: That we’re boring, and wear Viking horns

Sarah: That we are posh, I’m definitely not posh. Katie is a little bit posh

CK: You should fight this out

Katie: No

CK: Oh

CK: Describe Duet Diana using a famous lyric that everyone will know and has probably sung in the shower

Katie: ‘Luck ain’t even lucky, got to make your own breaks’ seems apt, from Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ – seeing as succeeding in any kind of music is all about the hustle!

Sarah: ‘It takes two baby, it takes two baby, just me and you’ – Rod Stewart and Tina Turner

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage from CK, Sarah & Katie’s photoshoot, click below

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