Laptop Philharmonic

#MusicHourUK came across Laptop Philharmonic via our twitter hour and found his album CRANIOTOMY  an amazing product.

To give you some background to Laptop Philharmonic, in 2013 he was diagnosed with a large brain tumour whilst he wife was heavily pregnant at the time and thankfully he survived.

CRANIOTOMY, written, recorded, produced and mastered by him, tells the story of that experience across its 10 tracks. This is not a complaint or a plea for sympathy though – the journey it takes you on is as beautifully uplifting as it is terrifying and heartbreaking.

These 10 songs sum up the huge range of thoughts and feelings he went through in chronological order. From the reality of life before to the shock of diagnosis to the pain of saying what might be his last goodbye to waking up in a morphine-induced stupor to the overwhelming joy of survival to the childish reliance on the kindness of relatives and strangers to the fresh, enlightened perspective I acquired from the whole ordeal. It’s all there.

There’s no one genre or style to this record. Each song is what it needs to be to get its message across, and the whole album is intended as a complete work with themes that develop throughout.

You almost certainly haven’t heard of Laptop Philharmonic, he’s unsigned, unknown, and, until very recently, I had no songs released for the world to hear.

He worked on literally every detail of this album in my spare moments between working for a living and caring for my wife and daughter. My background is in classical piano – I’m influenced as much by Beethoven and Chopin as I am Radiohead and Grizzly Bear.

Check out his music on Bandcamp and give him a cheeky follow on Twittertoo