#MusicHourSHOOT: Rebecca Raw

Aliens, Willy Wonka and croissants aren’t typical themes in a music Q&A, but then again, there’s nothing typical about British singer-songwriter Rebecca Raw. In this, edition IV of our collaboration with London-based presenter/photographer CK Goldiing, we get to know Rebecca following her shoot with CK – a shoot geared towards supporting the launch of her debut EP, ‘Deep Within’.

Below, are CK’s quick fire questions for Rebecca, plus brand new images from their recent photoshoot:

CK: The last time we hungout, we were given loads of free cake from a nice coffee shop owner who was closing-up for the day. Do you have any message for him?

Rebecca: Thanks for feeding the mister [Rebecca’s husband] – less cooking for me

CK: If your new EP was a cake, what would it taste like?

Rebecca: It’s probably cheating, but I think it’s a Willy Wonka-type cake – where each bite is a different flavour [laughs]

CK: Finish this sentence, “The biggest challenge, while recording my EP, was __________________”

Rebecca: Losing that game of lunch-break Dobble

CK: I’ll wikipedia ‘Dobble’ later, no idea what you just said

Rebecca Header

CK: “I’m craving your affection not because I need it, just because I want it.” is a lyric from lead single ‘Connection’. I feel this way about tea. Tell us more about that lyric, I assume you weren’t talking about tea…

Rebecca: Correct assumption: I wrote this song as a reflection on how difficult it can be to build meaningful relationships in a culture where everyone is busy all the time

CK: Spring or Summer?

Rebecca: Oooo tricky… summer? but I want you to know that I’m uncomfortable having to choose

CK: Good, payback for the Dobble fiasco

Rebecca: Google

CK: Croissant or bagel?

Rebeca: Croissant – give me all the butter

CK: Ahead of our photoshoot, you mentioned you’d like to capture an anonymous, mystery shot where your face is hidden. What does Rebecca Raw think is the world’s biggest mystery?

Rebecca: Life itself. And grapefruit, or rather, people who like grapefruit

Rebecca Raw _ 005

CK: If an alien landed on earth and only had FOUR MINUTES before she had to catch the connecting spaceship to Neptune, which ONE track from your EP would you play for her? Personally, I think ‘Freefall’ is super spacey, adore that track.

Rebecca: I’m assuming they don’t speak English, so there’s no use trying to custom-pick a message (like “I believe, though I cannot see, there’s a world past each horizon” from ‘Calling’) for them. I’d want the alien to head off to Neptune with a good buzz from their four minutes on Earth, so I’d go for ‘Freefall’… with the volume turned up nice and high, of course

CK: Only way to listen to ‘Freefall’

Rebecca: Yes!

CK: By the way, why am I talking about aliens, is this interview weird?

Rebecca: Nothing weird about ‘if an alien landed’, it’s a great chat facilitator – works every time

Rebecca Raw _ 010

CK: Describe Rebecca Raw using 5 words… all words have to start with the letter ‘R’

Rebecca: Rainproof, Reflective, at times Rattlepated, Roundish and obviously RAW.

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