#MusicHourSHOOT: Ciara Vizzard

Ahead of her May 25 EP release, Reading-based singer-songwriter Ciara Vizzard joins photographer/presenter CK Goldiing for our newest edition of #MusicHourSHOOT. See below for images from CK & Ciara’s photoshoot, behind-the-scenes footage and of course, CK’s ten probing questions.

Let’s do this…

CK: DVD or book?

Ciara: Book

CK: Pizza or Ice cream?

Ciara: EEP…neither, but I guess maybe pizza

CK: Would you rather write songs or play songs? (‘both’ isn’t an answer)

Ciara: Write songs

Ciara Vizzard _ 001

CK: MP3 or Vinyl?

Ciara: MP3  – they’re more portable

CK: Dream artist to support on tour?

Ciara: Currently active – Tori Kelly or JP Cooper. If I was going big superstar then Adele, Sia, or Selena Gomez. If I’m going non-active, it would be Janet Jackson

CK: Instagram or Twitter?

Ciara: Always the gram…I love photography!

Ciara Vizzard _ 002

CK: Would you rather have the best boyfriend on earth or the best fans on earth? HONEST ANSWER, PLEASE?

Ciara: If the boyfriend wasn’t for forever, then best fans for sure. If the boyfriend was forever material, then I’d choose him. Success is nothing without those you love to share it with

CK: Sweet or Savoury?

Ciara: Sweet…gets me every time!

CK: Beyonce or Rihanna?

Ciara: Ooh that is stupidly hard to choose, but I guess it would have to be Queen Bey. Beyonce is fierce in a way I can probably relate to more

Ciara Vizzard _ 004 Eye edjust

CK: Describe Ciara in eleven words…

Ciara: I am an authentic, quirky, kind, generous/thoughtful, loving, strong, fragile, adventurous, passionate, ambitious, and loyal woman

CK: You’re never doing my accounts

Ciara: Huh?

CK: Nothing really – it’s just that by eleven, I didn’t mean twelve

Ciara: oh, ha ha, whoops

Watch CK & Ciara’s shoot below:


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