There is not enough hours in the day!

How many times have we heard people say they can’t do something because there is not enough hours in the day. Lots, right?

Time Management is a key ingredient to success. How do you manage your time? If you’re trying to get your band to the next level, but you hold down a full time job too, it can be difficult to find the time, after all there is only 24 hours in the day, right?

If you hold down a full time job, you probably think, you really only have weekends spare to rehearse with your band or do other music things,  or maybe you think you only have a couple of hours after work, right?

Wrong actually! I can create you at least 25-35 hours per week to spend on your band. I have seen time and time again, how musicians don’t use their time effectively.  Now is the time to change all that, if a music career is genuinely what you strive to achieve.

Let me ask you a question, how many of you actually spend 5 hours every day working on your band, whether it be rehearsals, website, social media, gigging, whatever it my be?

I guarantee not many, there will be all sorts of reasons or excuses, “I have to work, eat and sleep” yes you need all these things. However if you work a standard 9am-5pm job, what are you doing from 8pm-1am every night? Maybe watching TV, then sleeping? Yes? Lets utilise this time much more effectively. Allocate this time in your diary to work more on your music. If you do this just 5 nights a week, that gives you 25 hours of extra time. If you do it 7 nights per week, that will give you 35 hours extra to move your career forward.

Anyone who knows me, knows my favourite quote is one by Benjamin Franklin and it is simply this:

‘If you do tomorrow, what you did today. You’ll get tomorrow, what you got today’

It is so true, make the change and utilise your time more and you will achieve what you want. Don’t let excuses or laziness get in the way of your dreams, use every possible minute to move your music career forward.  

You have to work for success, you have to earn it before it comes to you, if you have not worked for it every day, for at least 5 hours every day, you have not earnt it!

I understand that some people may read this blog post and say “yeah, it’s not for me” and fair enough at least your being honest with yourself. Others may read it and say, “OK, I hadn’t even considered that” and may well give it a go. If you do, please feel free to let me know how you do, it would be great to hear your results.

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