#MusicHourSHOOT: Verity White

When compelling UK photographer CK Goldiing met fearlessly charismatic UK singer-songwriter Verity White, the outcome was guaranteed to be dynamite. They did not disappoint. In our latest partnership with CK, he takes us behind-the-scenes of his unmissable shoot with the Cheltenham-based Alternative/Rock artist. But first, over to you CK, we understand you have some probing questions for Verity.

CK: How does it feel to be the first singer-songwriter I’ve ever shot to do outfit changes in the middle of the street ‘coz you couldn’t be arsed finding somewhere discrete?

Verity: Well, I’m surprised no-one else has done this to you yet if I’m honest. But then, I have no shame, I went to art school, I have a past… and its not like I was full-frontal or anything, you make it sound worse that it was! I was discreet in my own way, so yeah. I’m proud.

CK: you’ve developed one of the most engaged Twitter audiences I’ve seen from an independent artist, what are you 2 top tips?

Verity: Be yourself – that’s the number one tip I can give anyone. Don’t pretend to be a ‘brand’ or anything like that, people want to connect with the person behind the music (or art, or whatever you’re doing!) Not be separated from you by an ‘artist’ and ‘fan’ mentality.  Secondly – make it about them. People aren’t following you to hear about you all the time, support others work, ideas and inspirations, retweet and spread the love!

CK: sausage or bacon?

Verity: Bacon as it’s more versatile, although I could make a hilarious joke about sausages here… potentially NSFW though…

Image 1

CK:  chips or crisps?

Verity: Chips, but not fries, proper chip shop chips with loads of salt and vinegar and curry sauce, yessss.

CK: One-hour studio jam with your music idol or round-the-world trip with your fella?

Verity: Round the world trip,I love travel and am desperate to see more of the world… this would lead to music inspiration and then THAT could lead to the other option anyway so everyone’s a winner.

CK: Why are you such a weird cat lady?

Verity: Because cats have termites which have burrowed into my brain and taken over many of my cognitive behaviours. I live to serve.

Image 2
CK: Finish this sentence: “my music isn’t_____________________”

Verity: Shit.

CK: Based on what happened in our photoshoot video, should we consider children’s entertainment on a more permanent basis?

Verity: Yes, we can call ourselves Compo and Lady Jayne? I think that works. You can make balloon animals and I’ll do interpretative dance classes.

Image 3
CK: You have a new EP looming, would you rather have a free 10-second advert on primetime TV or perform one song on Glasto’s main stage this summer?

Verity: STAGE TIME!! I love performing, can you even imagined the buzz from being on the main stage at Glaso? Man that would be immense! WANT!

CK: Describe Verity White using THREE words. Each word must contain the letters ‘c’ ‘a’ and ’t’.
Verity: Charismatic, Excitable, Calamitous and UNICORNCAT for good measure and coz I wanted 4 goes as I am special.
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