Stuck in a rut

At #MusicHourUK we come across thousands of new unsigned artists every month, lots of them have great music and over the weeks you can see the strides they are taking to move their career forward! Great news!

I always remember in 2011, I came across an artist who is 100% truly awesome, has a unique but distinct voice, someone who is charismatic and really likeable. Someone who isn’t afraid to spend their own money to fund studio time, CD duplications, merchandise, etc, etc. Someone who doesn’t expect someone else to fund their music career.

Fast forward to 2017, and her music career has in no real way moved forward, still struggling to ‘make it’ although she hated the term ‘make it’, you see her social media posts and it’s all about new things she’s doing, recording a new album etc, then a few weeks and months go by and she would announce that the project had fallen through. Then she would announce another project and then more weeks and months go by and again another post about how that project had fallen through too. A few posts of live performance vlogs of covers then appear. It saddens me to think that in the 6 years since I discovered the artist, she is actually still in the same place music career wise then.

This blog post isn’t about slating anyone’s failures, it is difficult to have a successful music career, even though the cost to do things has greatly reduced over the last 30-40 years. This post is about how it’s important that artists have a music strategy and if your strategy is still not bringing you success change it. You are the driver of your destiny and anyone who knows me knows my favourite quote is by Benjamin Franklin, who said ‘If you do tomorrow what you did today, you’ll get tomorrow what you got today’. This is so true. I truly believe that a few different steps and this artist could be on to a real winner. Don’t be afraid to change something – to get what you want.

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly and can either help your career or it can really hinder your career. I think rather than running straight to social media to tell the world what you are going to do, make sure that it is something that is deliverable and will be delivered.

If you are going to record a new album, video document your time in the studio, give little snippets of songs that you are working on, ask your fans for their thoughts on the snippet, really engage your fans and encourage them to help you get more fans and grow your fans.

Music fans love to feel involved, they love to feel that they are part of something exclusive part of a journey too. When you post anything, you have to think about how can my fans feel engaged.

I guess the biggest issue with the artist I talked about above is; She doesn’t really engage her fans with anything new that entices them, it’s a pattern of posts ‘Starting a new project‘ then ‘Here’s a me singing a cover song’ then ‘Project has fallen through’ then have another ‘Here’s me singing another cover song’ and then repeat pattern.  This pattern quickly gives the impression that you are not really going anywhere. Music fans get fed up of this quickly and move on to someone else who has great music and feel fully engaged with the artist.

Be sure your strategy is right for you, either as a solo artist or as a band and don’t be afraid to change, be careful about what your social media accounts really say about you. Not just what you post!

Good luck everybody and thanks for reading.