Are You Where Your Potential New Fans Are?

With so many different social media sites out there like, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Soundcloud etc. etc. Are you where your potential new fans are?

It is so important that you have an effective Fan Attraction Strategy. I see time and time again, artists  who are on various social media sites attempting desperately to grow their audience there, nothing happens and then artists believe its a struggle to gain new fans. It’s not! You just need to be where they are.

All social media sites are different and work differently, which are home to different demographics. It is so important that you do your homework and find out what site(s) your potential new fans are using and go to them. It is impossible to grow your fans if your using a site where your demographic audience just don’t hang out. It wastes your time and it becomes unproductive.

Research where your demographic audience hangs out and go to them, you will find it much easier to gain new fans and grow your audience effectively and productively.

Do your homework today and work on your tightening up your Fan Attraction Strategy, research what sites your demographic audience are using and get yourself there and engage fully with them all, you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.