Why You Shouldn’t Sync All Your Social Accounts Together!

At #MusicHourUK the thousands of artists/bands we come across is phenomenal lots of great artists with awesome music. But lot’s of artists/bands have this obsession with syncing all their social media accounts together. Why?

When asking artists/bands about this, the common denominator response for this is, “Well, we don’t have time to update all the sites” If this is you, then please go and read our previous blog post called There Is Not Enough Hours In The Day and we will show you how you can find more time in a 24 hour day.

By syncing all your social accounts together you are, giving no tangible reason for your fans to join you on your other social sites.

We see time and time again, a post appears on Twitter, which auto feeds through to Facebook, which auto feeds through to another social sites and so on and so forth. Why should your fans join you on Facebook, if they already follow you on twitter and Facebook is just a copycat account for posts of twitter. You are just banging your fans over the head with the same content over and over again. Every social media content should be original, engaging and exclusive.

Artists/bands, maybe wondering how they can make their content exclusive, this can be easily achieved. For example,  you may use one of your social sites for running weekly competitions, you may use another site for exclusive announcements. Make sure each of your social sites have a purpose. The best way to achieve this, is to ensure Social Engagement Strategy is watertight.

Today, go and unsync your social accounts and work on original content for each of them. Work out and understand, how you are going to engage your fans via different platforms.  You will be surprised by how your social media works harder for you.