#MusicHourSHOOT: DiDi

Unruly hair and a stray dog – just two characteristics of a CK Goldiing photoshoot, obviously. In his latest adventure with Hertfordshire-based singer-songwriter DiDi, we’re also treated to an unlikely slither of pavement filth. Watch their behind-the-scenes footage below, but first, over to CK for his post-shoot Q&A with the self-confessed ‘hyper’ artist…

CK: Why did you lie on the pavement during our shoot? That’s disgusting

DiDi: Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! Also, not going to lie, we were very tired at that point of the shoot, and it was the only viable option

CK: Finish this sentence: “My dream artist to lie on the pavement, chat to and be disgusting with is________”

DiDi: You of course, CK [laughs] but maybe also Marika Hackman

CK: Maybe I wasn’t clear, pavements are disgusting. No

DiDi: Marika Hackman it is

Didi _ Photo by CK Goldiing _ 002

CK: Your first single was called ‘Sorry’, what’s the one sacrifice you’ve made while pursuing your music goals that you refuse to say sorry for?

DiDi: ‘Sorry’ was the first single I released as DIDI. [Prior to launching her solo singer-songwriter project, DiDi was a highly-sought after music producer. She still is]. I don’t feel like I’ve had to sacrifice too much to pursue this aspect of my career, it feels like a natural progression, although, I think the hardest part was taking on the identity of being a frontwoman. I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes kinda person – both with my production and session guitar playing – so being a lead singer and fronting my own music is a very different game. I had written this extremely personal song, and it was the first time I didn’t completely hate my voice, so I showed a couple of people and they also thought it was alright. Next, I made a whole persona, branding and promotional campaign in two weeks, then dropped the track, by which time, I had started writing loads of new music. And that’s how DIDI was born, I had been so reluctant up to that point to ever do my music solo, and I am so glad I have! Thank you for being so supportive.

CK: Apple crumble or lemon cheesecake?

DiDi: Apple crumble

CK: Madonna or Michael Jackson?

DiDi: Madonna Jackson. Am I allowed to say both?

CK: Again, no

DiDi: But imagine sound, though

Didi _ Photo by CK Goldiing _ 004

CK: What’s your music alter ego name? (first word of your street name & last thing you ate) I’m Barber Oats

DiDi: Moor Chocolate Biscuits. Anyone who has ever worked with me in the studio will know this is the most fitting name anyone could have ever come up with!

CK: How important is ‘branding’ to your artistry? I know you take care over this, in terms of poster design, gig wardrobe etc… tell us more

DiDi: I touched on it lightly in the question about ‘Sorry’, I don’t see music and branding as two different things – I think they are integral to each other and are what makes the difference between a performer to an artist. Wow, I sound so wanky! [laughs]. It’s so important, especially in this age of social media, for people to see an image and instantly know it’s you. There are so many ways that can be done, you just have to find what works best for you.

I recently read an awesome interview in NME about a new artist. The artist spoke about how they don’t feel like they have a gimmick, they just dress how they always have – in a dark/none in-your-face/simple kinda way, and that’s the style they feel most comfortable with. And it got me thinking, wow… I’m so the opposite, I wear all white with surf green accents and have blonde and purple hair, and thought I was really uncool because this other person is arguably one of the coolest people I know! But then, I took a step back and was like, well, that’s what they are now known for, wearing simple black or dark outfits and that is now become their gimmick, so I guess the main thing is just consistency and coherences within your brand.

Didi _ Photo by CK Goldiing _ 001

CK: Would you rather be a bee or a whale? Why?

DiDi: A bee, because at least you actually get to see the world and you can fly!! You’re just in the sea if you’re a whale. I think that probably says a lot doesn’t it? I am quite a hyper person

CK: You’re incredibly active in behind-the-scenes music organisations, including PRS and God knows what else, I forget all the ones we discussed. Please share TWO industry organisations you think unsigned artists 100% need to make friends with and why?

DiDi: Join the FAC – it’s an amazing, free organization set up by musicians for musicians. We all help each other out and there are lots of events where you get to meet awesome people. Also, if you’re a songwriter, join PRS – they give you money when you play your songs. Why wouldn’t you want that?

CK: Describe your music using ONE famous movie quote…

DiDi: Go hard or go home!

CK: Bravo. Biscuit?

DiDi: Chocolate

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