Why You Should Use Landing Pages On Your Website

How many times have you been emailed a discount code and then directed to a website homepage and then have to spend ages finding out where you can buy the product  and redeem the voucher? This is one thing that artists do the most. It’s lazy and most of all it’s time consuming for your fans.

Instead what you all need to do, is create an individual landing page for the specific offer, whether it be discounts for your music, or discount to your gigs creating a clear individual and dedicated landing page will increase in sales as less people get distracted and the buying process is simple.

So, what are landing pages? Some of you may be asking. A landing page serves as the entry point for particular section on a website.

Go and research good landing page designs and try it on your website now. Make it easier for existing fans and new fans to find the product you’re selling. Make the sale process simple and seamless for people and you will increase the potential of creating a sale.

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