Why You Should Love Losing

Sounds like a strange title for a blog topic, right? But it’s true! Everyone should love losing.

Over the years, many bands have had the mindset that they are the best thing in the music industry. But, they have only accomplished 0.00001% of their journey. They believe they have the best members in the band (even little johnny who turns up late to everything), they have the best album (even though they only sold 50 copies – mostly to their mates or family). they create the best music (even though they struggle to get airplay and paid gigs. If this sounds like your band, you’re losing! Let’s change your mindset and learn to love losing.

“OK, why should we love losing?” I hear you say! Because if you love losing, you will learn to love the whole process of what it takes to get your music career to where you want it to be. So many bands at present hate losing and by hating it, it makes you become lazy, unfocused and results in you hating the process involved. So many bands want to succeed, but they want instant success. You have to earn it, you have to deserve it!

When you are only 0.00001% into your music journey, you have a huge mountain to climb before you get to have the right to success. Love losing and learn to love the process involved to become a winner. After all, you can’t hang out at the finish line of a race with the winners, if you don’t run the race. Winners focus on wining, losers focus on the winners.

Kick start your progress today with a change in mindset!



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