The Number 1 Thing You Should Be Doing In 2018

So many unsigned artists get kind of stuck in a rut, a cycle that they cant seem to get out of. Yet artists could achieve so much more if they did just one thing… Collaborate with others!

This is what Pik Rawlings from Mama Pik Music had to say, “Having spent the last 5 years learning, through experience, about the music industry, it’s become apparent that connections are vital but it’s not only “who you know” but also “what you know” that really seems to matter. And how better to learn than with and from other musicians. 

I have watched developing artists gain so much confidence from listening to other musicians, getting supportive feedback  jamming, singing or even busking together, trying new covers, practicing harmonies and sharing these on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. (Beware of posting covers on Facebook). 

Not only is collaborating more fun than working alone as a singer-songwriter, it can lead to more performance opportunities and spice up your songwriting and compositions as you widen your repertoire. 

So #MusicHourUK friends, why not give collaboration a go and let us know what happens!

It’s so true, so many artists a missing out on the opportunities. If you are writing your next single or album, try collaborating with someone else and see how the results can really drive your music forward.

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