Why You Should Have Your Music Reviewed

Guest Blog post by Amy Curtis

The music industry can be a particularly difficult world to survive in and it requires a lot of time, patience and positivity. Not only do you need to be talented but you need to have some kind of following on social media and be exposed to the public. We have 5 good ways as to why you should submit your music to be reviewed.

  1. New audience. The magazine or blog will have their own following and this will promote your music. It may even reach listeners that wouldn’t usually have been interested in your style or genre of music before.
  2. What works and what doesn’t. One of the best things about submitting your music to be reviewed is that it’s good to hear an unbiased opinion of what people think. Going forward, when a writer highlights what they liked the most about your music, you know what to do more of next time.
  3. It could catch the right attention. For artists that are unsigned, you never know who is watching content on magazines and blogs. You could catch the eyes of a PR company or a record label.
  4. More exposure = more followers. Social Media isn’t everything but it does have a heavy influence on what people read, hear and see. Submitting your music to be reviewed usually includes posts on social media from the magazine or blog. If it is done right, it should direct people to your social media pages. Thereby, gaining more followers and hooking in long-term fans.
  5. Above all, one of the biggest reasons to have your music reviewed is that you feel you have accomplished something. You spend all this time creating the music that you’ll be eager to have people listen to it. A magazine or blog reviewing your work makes this feel worthwhile because you’re putting yourself out there and attracting listeners.

Getting your music reviewed can seem risky and it may concern you that the writer may not like it. Don’t let this dishearten you! Consider this as criticism and if you really love what you do then don’t let what anybody says stop you. Everyone has different tastes and your music may not be right for everyone but make sure you keep going and networking with others!

So research music magazines, bloggers, vloggers and submit your music to them. #MusicHourUK works collaboratively with online music magazine, Lyrically Speaking visit their website by clicking here or submit your music direct to them by emailing MusicHourUK@lyrically-speaking.co.uk

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